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Private lessons and Rock Band Group Classes are for youth ages 8-18 AND adults of any age.

Special accommodations for younger students are considered on a case by case basis.


Band Classes

  • Classes will be available Monday and Thursday evenings. 

  • Classes are booked as a 14 week semester Jan-May and Aug-Dec

  • Each month includes 1 hour of weekly instruction* 

  • Class time will depend on age and band availability 

  • End of semester Rock Concert is included

  • Occasional opportunities to perform at special events included


Solo Set Private Lessons


  • Solo Set Private Lessons are available for all ages (youth and adult)

  • Lessons can be scheduled for a variety of days and times based on the best fit for your needs.

  • Lessons are weekly* 


Band classes are $99/month

Private lessons are $120/month

*Total number of classes/private lessons per month and total time per lesson/band class is not guaranteed in the event of emergencies, inclement weather and holidays.


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Attendance and charges:

We follow a 10 month calendar for Rock Band classes. The schedule runs August-May. Rock Band fees are the same each month including May and December. May and December will each consist of two weeks of classes including the end of each semester concert. We do not charge an additional concert fee and we're able to do this by charging the same fee for all months in the semester. Because some months have more than 4 weeks, the extra days we provide instruction will be considered "bank days" and will offset any days that the school has to close due to weather, emergency or illness on the part of Mr. Perry's School of Rock. 


For private students, we will charge the monthly fee on the 1st of each month. Lessons are scheduled at a set time/day of the week. There are no refunds. At management's discretion, a make up lesson may be scheduled (if available) for missed lessons due to an emergency. This will ensure the instructor is paid for his/her time and the student attends all lesson appointments. Consintency is the key to success. We are happy to try moving your set lesson day to a different day and time (if available) if it becomes difficult to make your current time slot work. Because some months have more than 4 weeks, the extra days we provide instruction will be considered "bank days" and will offset any days that the school has to close or the instructor isn't available due to emergency or illness. At management's discretion makeup days or deduction of the cost of one lesson for the following month may be given in special cases.

Late Fees: If payment in full is not received within 5 days of any invoice due date a $10.00 late fee will automatically be applied for each late day thereafter and a reminder invoice reflecting these added charges will be sent. 



Rock Band will NOT meet for regular weekly classes in June and July.  However, we will be offering a week long Rock Camp in both June and July.  Camp will include a full week of music instruction, games, snacks and special guests.  Details and registration information available by early April. 

Private lessons will continue through these months.  

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