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Our Story

Welcome to the heart of our musical journey – where melodies are born, talents are nurtured, and the love for music flows through generations. Meet Perry Miears, affectionately known as "Mr. Perry," a musical virtuoso with over 35 years of experience. From his humble beginnings as a young guitar enthusiast to sharing stages with stars like Vince Gill and Toby Keith, Mr. Perry's life has been a harmonious symphony of dedication and passion for music.

But Mr. Perry's journey extends far beyond the stage. With a heart dedicated to nurturing young talent, he's not just a music teacher; he's a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration. As a former worship pastor and youth advocate, Mr. Perry has spent years shaping the musical prowess of countless students. Many of them have evolved from novice players to becoming integral parts of adult bands, their skills and sound transcending their age and experience.

What sets Mr. Perry apart is his unique approach to teaching – an approach filled with fun, enthusiasm, and an unwavering belief in each student's potential. He invites young musicians to explore their capabilities, encouraging them to grow individually and as a cohesive group. At our music programs, it's not just about learning to play an instrument; it's about embracing the magic of music and discovering one's true potential.

Join us on this enchanting musical journey, where every note, every chord, and every performance becomes a chapter in our ever-evolving story. Together, let's create music that resonates with the soul, because here at our school, music isn't just a lesson; it's a lifelong symphony of passion and creativity.

Meet The instructors

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